Looking for partner

Manufacturer excavation

We will discover API manufacturers in PRC and provide high quality and reasonable APIs to Japanese customers stably.

Pharmaceutical company matching

For Japanese products (such as pharmaceuticals) required by PRC, we will match Japanese and Chinese pharmaceutical companies.

Import storage

Import of pharmaceuticals

Import pharmaceuticals as a pharmaceutical manufacturer (packaging, labeling, storage category) (acceptance tests using external test organizations are also possible).

Storage of APIs and intermediate products

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer (packaging, labeling and storage), we have a storage space of more than 200 pallets, and we can also be entrusted of APIs and intermediate products packaging, labeling and storage.


GMP support

We provide various GMPs related supporting services at plants for overseas manufacturers.

Overseas support

We provide explanations about the Japanese Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and make proposals/solutions regarding the development to overseas manufacturers/companies.

Regulatory Affairs support

AI will act as an application agency (In Country Caretaker) for Accreditation of Foreign Drug Manufacturer, MF/DMF registration, and at the same time, handle the inquiry works from PMDA during the approval review.