Looking for partnerパートナーマッチング

  • Manufacturer excavation We will discover API manufacturers in China and provide high quality and reasonable APIs to Japanese customers stably.
  • Pharmaceutical company matching For Japanese products (such as pharmaceuticals) required by China, we will match Japanese and Chinese pharmaceutical companies.

Import storage輸入保管業務

  • Import of pharmaceuticals Import pharmaceuticals as a pharmaceutical manufacturer (packaging, labeling, storage category) (acceptance tests using external test organizations are also possible).
  • Storage of APIs and intermediate products As a pharmaceutical manufacturer (packaging, labeling and storage), we have a storage space of more than 200 pallets, and we can also be entrusted of APIs and intermediate products packaging, labeling and storage.


  • GMP support We provide various GMPs related supporting services at plants for overseas manufacturers.
  • Overseas support We provide explanations about the Japanese Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and make proposals/solutions regarding the development to overseas manufacturers/companies.
  • Regulatory Affairs support AI will act as an application agency (In Country Caretaker) for Accreditation of Foreign Drug Manufacturer, MF/DMF registration, and at the same time, handle the inquiry works from PMDA during the approval review.